Who are we ?

Leen for Communications and Information Technology Establishment , which is located in the city of Buraidah, signed by King Abdullah and carrying a commercial record number 1131167549

Our Services

Design the websites

Desktop and Data Base Management

Networks Installations and Programming

Mobile Apps Programming

Providing protection systems

Moving to cloud storage

Connecting the sites and branches with the Headquarter sites

Privacy policy

Leen Technical Solutions respects the privacy of its customer data through its stated privacy policy, which is understood by the customer upon receipt of the service

Facts about Leen Technology Solutions

The Foundation's efforts are focused on providing solutions and technical consultancy and implementation, while ensuring diversity, which distinguishes it from other institutions in aspects of integration and linkage with other projects

Previous projects

Current Services

international trademarks

Team members


The most important characteristic of "Leen" for technical solutions

Keep up with the technology

We are always using the latest international standards of software technologies and languages to be the added value to our customers

Technical support and continuous updates

We ensure continuous updates that meet our customers' needs through a continuous development program that brings together the experiences of our users

Easy and smart tools

We provide you with easy-to-use and easy-to-manage tools to manage your technical system, allowing you to monitor easy, flexible and solid at the same time

Quality standards

The efforts of the employees in the organization are focused on adherence to professional specifications and high quality, in addition to information security and data privacy

Latest technology

Using state-of-the-art software and networking technology, because we believe in product security and design, two sides of a single coin

After-sales service

We care about the quality of customer service during the product development stage and after completion by providing technical support to the customer whenever needed, our goal is to satisfy the customer

Easy access

We are always keen to facilitate the customer access to his data and services through designs responsive to all smart devices and design applications dedicated to him

Fashionable designs

We offer you modern designs that fit the spirit of your site through professional designers with a stylish touch

Unlimited options

Through our multiple partnerships, our advisory team will offer you many options that will meet your requirements accurately and budget at your own cost.

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